This site contains exorcism footage (video and audio) that was made during exorcisms conducted in different parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church.






I exorcise you, primal source of blasphemy, prince of the rebel host, originator of evil. I adjure you, Lucifer, who was cast from the brilliance on high into the darkness of the abyss on account of your arrogance: I adjure you and all the fallen hosts which followed your will: I adjure you, spirit of uncleanness, who revolted against Adonai, Elohim, the omnipotent God of Sabaoth and the army of His angels. Be gone and depart from the servant/handmaid of God . I adjure you in the name of Him Who created all things by His Word, His Only-Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who was ineffably and dispassionately born before all the ages; by Whom was formed all things visible and invisible, Who made man after His Image: Who guarded him by the angels, Who trained him in the Law, Who drowned sin in the flood of waters from above and Who shut up the abysses under the heaven, Who demolished the impious race of giants, Who shook down the tower of Babel, Who reduced Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes by sulfur and fire, a fact to which the unceasing vapors testify; and Who by the staff of Moses separated the waters of the Red Sea, opening a waterless path for the people while the tyrannical Pharaoh and his God-fighting army were drowned forever in its waves for his wicked persecution of them; and Who in these last days was inexplicably incarnate of a pure Virgin who preserved the seal of her chastity intact; and Who was pleased to purge our ancient defilement in the baptismal cleansing. I adjure you, Satan, by virtue of Christ's baptism in the Jordan, which for us is a type of our inheritance of incorruption through grace and sanctified waters: the same One Who astounded the angels and all the heavenly powers when they beheld God incarnate in the flesh and also revealed at the Jordan His beginningless Father and the Holy Spirit with Whom He shares the unity of the Trinity. I adjure you, evil one, in the name of Him Who rebuked the winds and stilled the turbulent sea; Who banished the legion of demons and opened the eyes of him who was born blind from his mother's womb; and Who from clay fashioned sight for him, whereby He re-enacted the ancient refashioning of our face; Who restored the speech of the speechless, purged the stigma of leprosy, raised the dead from the grave and Who Himself despoiled Hades by His death and Resurrection thereby rendering mankind impervious to death. I adjure you, in the name of Almighty God Who filled men with the inbreathing of a divinely inspired voice and Who wrought together with the Apostles the piety, which has filled the universe. Fear and flee, run, leave, unclean and accursed spirit, deceitful and unseemly creature of the infernal depths, visible through deceit, hidden by pretense. Depart wherever you may appear, Beelzebub, vanish as smoke and heat, bestial and serpentine thing, whether disguised as male or female, whether beast or crawling thing or flying, whether garrulous, mute or speechless, whether bringing fear of being trampled, or rending apart, conniving, whether oppressing him/her in sleep, by some display of weakness, by distracting laughter, or taking pleasure in false tears whether by lechery or stench of carnal lust, pleasure, addiction to drugs, divination or astrology, whether dwelling in a house, whether possessed by audacity, or contentiousness or instability, whether striking him with lunacy, or returning to him after the passage of time, whether you be of the morning, noonday, midnight or night, indefinite time or daybreak, whether spontaneously or sent to someone or coming upon him/her unawares, whether from the sea, a river, from beneath the earth, from a well, a ravine, a hollow, a lake, a thicket of reeds, from matter, land, refuse, whether from a grove, a tree, a thicket, from a fowl, or thunder, whether from the precincts of a bath, a pool of water or from a pagan sepulcher or from any place where you may lurk; whether by knowledge or ignorance or any place not mentioned. Depart, separate yourself from him/her, be ashamed before him who was made in the image of God and shaped by His hand. Fear the likeness of the incarnate God and no longer hide in His servant/handmaid; rather await the rod of iron, the fiery furnace of Tartars, the gnashing of teeth as reprisal for disobedience. Be afraid, be still, flee, neither return nor hide in him some other kind of evil, unclean spirits. Depart into the uncultivated, waterless waste of the desert where no man dwells, where God alone vigilantly watches, Who shall bind you that dares with envy to plot against His image and Who, with chains of darkness shall hold you in Tartars, Who by day and night and for a great length of time has devised all manner of evils, O devil; for great is your fear of God and great is the glory of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.